Saturday, March 9, 2013


Wow. Looks like I'm about to fill up yet another notebook with my morning ramblings. I feel kinda bad for my kiddos. Though I do a fairly good job of keeping most of my belongings pared down via seasonal purges, I have never been able to make myself toss all the calendars/agendas/journals that have all but filled the cedar chest passed on to me by my grandmother Mimi.

I felt a wee bit justified when I used some of them to assist in the writing of my Miss Becky Goes Abroad blog, about our stints in Indonesia and Bahrain, but now that's all recorded online, and the kids have both read it. Then I think how thrilled I would have been to discover a long lost diary or two from my parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents. One or two. Not fifty. Especially when most of them aren't really even diaries. Many of the earlier ones are merely agendas, and the latter are just stream-of-consciousness ramblings -- neither of which makes for great reading! And now I'm adding art journals on top of all that? Why, I've got five going at once, as we speak -- a travel journal, a collage journal, a nature journal, my color journal where I play with my vivid ink sprays and markers, and my Simple Abundance Journal!

So here's what I'm thinking.  I'm thinking I just need to write a big ol' sign on a piece of poster board and place it inside the cedar chest, so it's the first thing they see when they open it. On the sign I will write: Be Braver Than Your Mama. BURN THE LOT OF 'EM!

P.S. In fact, maybe they can pile them in the fire pit when they have the party to scatter my ashes, and everyone can roast marshmallows over them!


Linda said...

Enjoyed your light hearted comments about a precious subject. I have one little spiral notebook in which my mother wrote every day where my father was working that day, the weather, who she visited in the community that day, any church meetings she attended, and what I ( a child) was doing. A very precious item to me & my children.

Hill Country Hippie said...

You are very lucky Linda. I would give anything to have something that would give me a glimpse into what my mom was like in her younger days, her struggles and passions, or something that would give me a glimpse into what ordinary, daily life was like for my grandparents and great grandparents -- maybe answer some of the questions I didn't think to ask until it was too late!