Monday, March 25, 2013


Well, now that we finally have this antibiotic-pump-thingy figured out, and don't have to fret over that anymore, Dear Hubby's blood pressure has decided to go haywire again. On top of that, I have a sneaking suspicion we are fixing to be caught in the middle of another pissing match between his BP specialist in Houston and his cardiologist here in Austin. As my favorite news personality, Danna Roseanna Danna, was so fond of saying, "It's always somethin'!" Anywho, whenever I find my thoughts spiraling down a dark hole, I try to force them back into the sunshine by recalling the way I felt yesterday afternoon, upon spotting these gorgeous poppies in bloom down by Cypress Creek Cafe.

I don't know why poppies make me so happy. They just do.

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