Monday, March 18, 2013


Several years ago I stumbled across these pictures by artist Jan Dorion Whitney, in an issue of La Vie Claire magazine, and they have been in my inspiration folder ever since.

I just love paintings of simple women doing ordinary things -- made extraordinary via color and pattern.

A couple of years later I stumbled across this book, and fell madly in love with the work of artist W.B.Thompson.

Again, simple almost child-like drawings with vibrant color and pattern.

Since then, I have run across many other things I liked, all with this same feel to it. I wasn't sure what to call this style, but just for the fun of it, I googled "Mexican Folk Art", and these are some of the images that popped up:

All this is what was roiling around in my head when I started playing with that "Muses in Margaritaville" photo in my art journal.

And, down the wormhole I gooooooo.....


Deborah said...

Beautiful! Love the story behind the story, the path to self expression, the road to sharing that drink. I remember that trip to SA. Thank you for memorializing it so creatively.

Laurinda Wheeler said...

I love the story behind the story too, as Deborah said!

Lin the Pink said...

I think you like drawing people as much as I do!

Hill Country Hippie said...

Well, hopefully I will, someday. But for now, faces still scare me to death. I'm trying hard to get past that. For these, since I was just playing around, I cheated and used a photograph to help me sort of trace the outline of their faces. One of these days I will have the confidence to do it freehand!