Friday, January 25, 2013


Remember these guys?

The two heavy concrete urns out on the terrace that I had planted up with succulents last spring? By the time fall rolled around they were lookin' mighty fine! I knew they would crap out on me if they got too frosty, but the urns were just too big and heavy to bring indoors for the winter, or even to move in and out of the garage each time a cold snap was due (yes, I thought of putting them on dollies, but there were steps involved). Anywho, I opted for covering them with a double layer of bed sheets, each time it was supposed to dip into the thirties or below.

So much for that idea.

My newest brain fart is this -- what if I can find plastic containers that will fit down into the urns? I could plant them up come spring, leave them sitting in the urns until fall, then bring them in the house and let them sit in pretty ceramic cachepots all winter. Just think how gorgeous the urns would be next year, if we weren't starting over from scratch each time. By jove, it just might work!

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