Wednesday, January 16, 2013


This is sad. Truly, truly sad. I have nothing to blog about this morning. Probably because I can't get my mind to focus on anything other than that art supply storage redo that I mentioned yesterday. It turned out to be one of those projects that has a domino effect -- like, if I move this here, then I have to move that stuff somewhere else -- and before you know it, your entire house is torn up! Right now I'm obsessing on getting to Target to get some more of these baskets, and praying that they still carry them.

Unfortunately, I have other things on my agenda today, and I'm not sure I can squeeze it in. It's making me crazy! Well, crazier.

Normally, when I have nothing in particular I want to blog about, I just go with photos, but I seem to be running short on those as well. Not that I haven't had opportunities. I had my sister here for a visit, and took her to play Shanghai with my peeps. Not one photo. I had friends from our days back in Indonesia come to Wimberley for lunch and shopping. Not one photo. We met up with the kids at Salt Lick to celebrate a special someone's special birthday (can I possibly have a child turning 30?!!!). Not one photo. In fact, I've come to realize that the more fun I am having, the less likely it is that I will remember to take any photos. Ah well, that's probably a good thing, no? It means that camera isn't getting in the way of me being "in the moment."

Dang. I really neeeeeed those baskets!

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