Monday, January 21, 2013


 I just had the most delicious thought. Yesterday we met up with friends at our favorite winery, then went to one of their houses for dinner afterwards and stayed all evening. Know what that means? It means there's a newly recorded episode of Downton Abbey just waiting for me to snuggle up with it later today. Woohoo!

Another British series I love is Doc Martin. I discovered it somewhat late in the game, as it airs past my bedtime, so I've been trying to catch up on all the seasons I have missed via Netflix. The main character is a brilliant surgeon with the world's worst bedside manner -- maybe even a touch of Asperger's -- who is forced to exchange his prestigious position in London for being a GP in a tiny Cornwall village when he suddenly develops hemophobia. No, not homophobia, hemo-phobia. He now barfs and/or passes out at the sight of blood, which makes it a wee bit difficult to perform surgery. His abrasive nature can get on one's nerves sometimes -- especially if you watch an entire season in one fell swoop, as I tend to do -- so I usually take a bit of a break between seasons.

Anywho, I watched all of season four last weekend, and it got me to thinkin'. Like I said, this guy is bloody brilliant when it comes to diagnosing and curing, but gentle and caring he is not. So I found myself wondering, if I had to choose between him and another doctor -- one not quite so brilliant, but much more personable -- which would I choose? Then I realized I actually have made that choice in the past -- more than once, in fact. I made that choice both when I ditched several OBs who believed all my miscarriages were "just bad luck", and again when I decided that I was just not satisfied with the results my hubby's current physicians were achieving, and opted to seek a hypertension specialist.

So, yeah, I guess I'd choose a Doc Martin or a House any old day. To be my physician that is. Would I ever consider dating or marrying one? Not on your life!


Linda Hoye said...

Ooh...I too love Brit TV! Thanks for bringing my attention to this one. Have you watched As Time Goes By? We loved it so much we bought the entire series on DVD. It's another keeper. BTW, we'll be curled up watching last night's Downton Abbey tonight too.

Hill Country Hippie said...

I may have seen one or two episodes a long time ago. Did it have Judi Dench in it? Did you watch the new series they aired not too long ago, "Call the Midwife"? And of course, there's all the Masterpiece Mystery greats like Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot.