Wednesday, January 2, 2013


My niece Merrit gave me a fabulous pair of chandelier earrings a couple of weeks before Christmas. They were a color-mad mix of several of my favorite hues -- just the thing to show up well against all this wild curly hair, instead of getting completely lost, as so many of my earrings do. The only problem was figuring out just what to wear them with, for there didn't seem to be anything in my closet that contained not only turquoise and lime green, but also coral and deep purple. Then I woke on Christmas morning and found this under the tree!

I could spend all day just studying the glorious details of it.

The most amazing thing about my technicolor dreamcoat and the way it blends with these earrings is that neither person had any idea what the other was gifting me with. It had to be kismet, no?

Come to think of it, the same thing happened a few Christmases back. My sister gave me a gorgeous turquoise suede jacket, having no clue whatsoever that Santa was bringing me a pair of turquoise and tan suede boots that were going to match it perfectly.

So, is it kismet? Or, does my family just know this bohemian-hippie-gypsy-cowgirl way too well? Not really sure. All I do know is that, without this generous, loving family of mine, I'd be pretty much naked, for I would never have bought any of this stuff for myself, being way too thrifty and practical for that. Well, maybe the earrings. I might've splurged on the earrings.


Anonymous said...

Love it -it's gorgeous!

musingegret said...

That jacket is 'so you' and the earrings are beautiful---lucky Becky!

Joel Salmon said...

Oh, how I love every detail of it! It is the most soulful coat I have ever seen. The color is great but the embroidery makes it something else.

Joel Salmon