Friday, November 16, 2012


I'm not much into scented products anymore. Most of them are just too overwhelming, and end up giving me a stopped up nose and a whopper of a headache. Just about the only things I still use are:

  • my Alexandra perfume, since people are always coming up to me when I wear it, to tell me how good it smells, but after the first few seconds, I can't smell it at all
  • my swirly patterned lamp bergere, and a Christmasy fragrance for it called Red Currant, because, unlike those stick diffuser thingys, you can just put the lid back on if the fragrance gets too strong
  • the wonderful blood orange scented bath soap from Nectar, which my hubby occasionally gifts me with
  • this candle. I love, love, love this candle.
I decided to light it, for the first time this season, when I was sitting in the dark this morning, waiting for the sun to come up. Then I ended up writing about it in my journal, which got me to thinkin' that maybe I should tell you about it.

The first thing I love about it is its scent -- a light, fresh scent much like the one I use in my lamp bergere, which they tout as a Christmas scent, but which I don't mind smelling all year long. I like it that it's a hand-poured soy wax candle, made here in the U.S.A., by a company called Paddy Wax. 

I love it that the green glass and pretty label fit perfectly with the rest of my decor.

Best of all, I love it that they are recycling old wine bottles to make these containers. Yes, you do have to make sure to keep the wick in the center of the jar, and stop using the candle before you get too close to the bottom, as the recycled glass could crack if it comes in direct contact with the flame, but that's a small price to pay, is it not? The back label explains all this, and even tells you how to put it in the freezer at the end, so the remaining wax pops right out, and you can use the container for other things. With that snugly fitting wooden lid that comes with it, it could become a beautiful and oh-so-practical storage container when I'm done with the candle. In fact, I'm picturing a whole row of these little beauties lined up on my kitchen hutch, a.k.a. the wee little studio, holding all my small bits and bobs. What about you? What would you use them for?

Is there anything better than a gift that keeps on giving? Now if only my hubby could remember where he got it!


Gus said...

Where are you getting Alexandra - I can't find it anymore, even online. I figured they just quit making it and was about to start sampling some new ones. Boo hoo!

Hill Country Hippie said...

I'm still using up some John gave me a couple of years ago, which I'm sure he got online. I'm going to be so very sad if you can't get it anymore!