Friday, November 2, 2012


Fall has always been my favorite gardening season here in Texas. Spring is ok, but we sometimes get temps in the 90s as early as April, and when your nighttime lows are in the 70s, and we go several weeks in a row without rain, even the heat-lovers start hunkering down to conserve their energy.

Snapdragons and Sticks of Fire
Pink Muhly Grass
Not sure what this tree is, maybe Chinese Tallow?
Soon as we get our first fall rains, however, and night temps start dipping into the 60s, things just LEAP back into life. Our hillside is covered in rippling grasses, the yaupons and pyracanthus are covered in berries, the cedar elms are dripping with rose-colored sameras ready to take flight, the succulents have become more vibrant and are sending up flowers, and all the salvias have burst into bloom.

Texas Tarragon (aka Mexican Mint Marigold)

My favorite new plant is a salvia called Mountain Sage. I love how the bloom pods start out sort of coral colored, then send out this scarlet red tongue that opens into a flower. I especially like it with something purple. I have it planted next to Mexican Bush Sage (Salvia leucantha) down in the Cantina Garden, and John planted it as a backdrop for some Purple Fountain Grass up in his beds.

Orange Mountain Sage with Purple Mexican Bush Sage

Is it any wonder then that, seeing all this fresh new color, I find myself coming to life as well?

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