Monday, October 22, 2012


Well, not only did my hubby feel well enough today to start pestering me for Dr. Pepper again, he also got a very good report back from this morning's angiogram. No new bleeds, no vasospasms, no sign of any aneurysms needing "intervention." Not even any real proof of where the blood came from in the first place. Yes, there are a few abnormal sections of artery, but then, his body is full of those, and there's just no way of knowing for sure that the blood came from one of those. In fact, there's a good chance the blood came from a vein, not an artery, which could explain why he is getting off with nothing more than a pretty miserable week of headaches and nausea.

John was kind of depressed today, since they didn't actually "fix" anything, but then, he wasn't there for the talk I got that first night -- the one where the doctor explained to me that 1 in 3 people with a brain aneurysm dies within a few days, another survives but is no longer able to care for themselves, and only one gets to lead a fairly normal life. I think we're pretty damn lucky to have dodged yet another bullet. He's had bypass surgery, but never had to experience a heart attack. He had the stroke, but the only real damage was to his sense of taste, and now this. Why, the boy even got hit by a car when he was a kid, and came away with nothing more than a concussion! Well, that and a good wallop on his behind from their family doctor, just to remind him not to run out into the street ever again. All in all, I'd say we have a whole lot to be grateful for, wouldn't you?

I'm hoping his various teams will be convening soon, will come up with a plan of action for us, and will let John outta that place. Fingers crossed everyone!


Gus said...

Fantastic news! What a lucky guy - mainly because he has a great wife who sticks with him through thick and thin!! Pinch him for me - Gus

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Linda Hoye said...

Wonderful news, Becky!