Saturday, October 15, 2011


Know what's even better than a daughter who sews?  A daughter who bakes!
Not long ago I told my daughter that what I'd really love for my birthday, instead of any more "stuff", would be for her to come spend the night the next time her dad was out of town, hang out while we knit and watch a sappy movie like we used to, help me with a certain little project, and if she just felt like she had to bring me something, I wouldn't mind a few of her super-dooper chewy almond cookies to keep in the freezer, so I can have one now and then with a cup of hot tea.  This is what she brought instead.  Once I'd picked my jaw up off the floor, I told her she'd gone a bit overboard, and that the cookies would have been more than enough.  She just shrugged and said "I was in a baking mood."

Know what's even better than a daughter who sews or a daughter who bakes?  One who does both, and then gives it all away!

Friday, October 14, 2011


Normally, I'm a pretty laid back person.  But, judging from the roiling in my stomach right now, we must be fixin' to travel!
What is it with me?  My sisters just love getting ready for a trip -- mapping out their routes, making reservations and itineraries, laying out all the outfits they wish to take and choosing just the right accessories for each -- but not me, baby!  I love being on the trip, and I love thinking about it for years afterwards, being able to relive it all through my blog and photos, but that period right before a trip?  That I hate.

That's cuz, no matter how hard I try to prevent it, this is when my mind seems determined to focus on all the things that could possibly go wrong on the trip.  I obsess over how much it is all going to cost, and whether we can really afford it (we usually take one vacation every 5 or 10 years, and this is our second in one year!).  I think about my propensity for motion sickness.  I think about all the missed connections and cancelled flights of previous trips, and how something like that could seriously screw up my trying to meet up with John at La Guardia in NY, since we're coming in on separate flights.  I think about people I should try to see while I'm there, and the complications of working it all out.  I stew over the fact that John has me leaving on a 6:00 a.m. flight, which means checking in at the airport by 4 or 4:30,  and if you allow an hour for the drive and time to park the car and shuttle in, that means leaving the house by 2:30 or 3:00 and making that deer-dodging drive in total darkness.  Me.  Alone.  With my night blindness.  And then?  Then I squash it all down, and I just DO it!  Because, in the end, I'm always glad I did.

I may make one minor adjustment though.  I'm thinking that driving into Austin the evening before, having a nice leisurely dinner with my precious daughter, then checking into a hotel right near the airport for a good night's sleep, and being able to both set an alarm and request a wake-up call, to make sure I'm up on time, might go a heck of a long way towards easing this stomach problem.  Don't you?

Thursday, October 13, 2011


If you're ever looking for creative ways to repurpose some of the bits and pieces you have sitting around your house or property, just go wander the aisles of a good flea market.  When we were strolling around at Wimberley Market Days not long ago, my niece was in need of a shelf to go over her desk.  Who knew there were at least a thousand different things you could make shelves out of?  Like that shutter, for instance.  It wasn't exactly what she needed, but it might be an interesting way to use one of those antique shutters I keep dragging from house to house, no?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Remember when John and I first spotted this little fellow? Remember how we even thought he was kinda cute?  Well, he's not so cute anymore.  In fact, he's about to become my hubby's arch enemy.  His nemesis.  His Moriarity!

John just loves planting new stuff -- especially now that he's semi-retired and has more time -- so we ended up dividing the property into "His" and "Hers" spaces.  Well, it seems that our devilish little 'dillo and his compadres have made themselves at home in His space.  In fact, they seem to have made it their mission to upturn every square inch of soil in John's territory, unearthing many a new plant in the process.  The beds look like a war zone, covered in hundreds of new divots, and it's making my hubby a wee bit crazy.

Yesterday, after inspecting the latest damage, he came storming into the house, muttering and grumbling, and headed straight for my computer back in the bedroom.  He was in there so long, I forgot all about it, and had no idea what he was referring to when he came out with a stricken look on his face, to tell me that he had some bad news.  Expecting to hear that someone had died, or that we'd lost our retirement savings, I just burst out laughing when he told me instead that he had been doing some research on how to trap an armadillo.  "It's not funny!" he declared.  "There's not a darn thing that will lure an armadillo into a cage.  You have to herd them in!"  That made me laugh even harder, and say "Good luck with that!"  I reminded him that, though I did manage to slowly herd him out of that first bed, inch by inch, by squirting him with a strong jet of water, the second time I tried it, he just stood up on his hind legs and began trying to catch the jet in his mouth and drink it!

John did not appreciate my humor, and I suddenly caught a glimpse of the future that was so clear, it was as if I was peering into a crystal ball.  "Oh my gosh!  You're turning into Elmer Fudd," I told him, "and that silly armadillo is going to be your Bugs Bunny for the next twenty years!"  Ah, well.  I guess a guy's gotta have a reason to get outta bed each morning, huh?

Monday, October 10, 2011


First the good news.  We got three inches of rain this weekend!  A nice, steady rain, which actually had a chance to soak in and do some good!  Of course, one rain does not a drought-breaker make, and we'll need a lot more just like it to fill those lakes, rivers and aquifers back up.  It sure did help our rain tank's situation though!

The gauge on the tank, which shows the level is back up over my head now.
The down side was that it knocked our internet out again -- for two and a half days this time!  Which is why you haven't heard from me in a while.  Sorry about that!  I guess that's one way to force oneself to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life, but it's certainly not at the top of my list.  In fact, I'm pretty sure it wasn't even on my list, when I was jotting down ideas for my Simple Sunday posts.
Still, I must admit that I did enjoy lying in bed a bit longer than usual, listening to the sound of rain on our metal roof; all the extra time it gave me for curling up on the sofa with a good book; the slowly-cooked meal we prepared last night, and the wine we drank with it.
The impromptu meeting of the Muses on a covered porch was pretty nice too, as were the numerous pots of tea I brewed over a weekend which seemed much longer than usual.  Much, much, longer!
So, if you find it difficult to slow down enough to enjoy the simple pleasures that life has to offer, and your weekends always seem to go by in a blur, here's an idea.  Unplug yourself!