Monday, November 28, 2011


Or, should I say "ahead to the past"?  You see, in addition to the many adjustments we have made to how our family convenes and celebrates holidays, there have been many, many adaptations on how we decorate.  In recent years we have focused on gradually reducing the amount of decorations to match the diminishing size of our house. The latest, and possibly final, adjustment was to the size of our tree. There just was no room in the living area for our full-sized tree, without removing some furniture.  Even worse, nowhere to put the banished furniture other than out in our "open-air" garage.  Sooooo, hubby decided to go on one of his secret shopping missions!
Did he do good, or what?  It fits perfectly on the narrow table behind our sofa, and gives the impression of a full-sized tree being there -- just partially hidden.  It reminds me a lot of the very first tree we ever bought together, back in Indonesia.  I love that it stores in this wee little box, easily carried in one hand...
and that, when it's dark, its twinkle lights are reflected in every window and mirror.  I love that there is plenty of room for all my favorite ornaments...
but, when it's time to pack them away, they all fit nicely into one little crate.
But, know what I like bestest of all?  I love it that, when I sat in my nest on the dining porch early this morning, I could enjoy my twinkle lights and watch the sun rise, all at the same time!


Marguerite said...

Love it! We downsized our tree last year to a slim, lightweight, pre lit version. I have curated all our ornaments down to the very best collected on trips and special occasions. We have an olive wood nativity from Israel and a wreath at the door and that is all. Less is more, baby!

Linda Hoye said...

Lovely! We started putting up a smaller tree a few years ago and, like Marguerite, have pared down the ornaments and other decor. I like it better this way.

Hill Country Hippie (aka Miss Becky) said...

Via Facebook:
Priscilla Lane Sweet.
Dani Thomas We went the other direction 2 years ago and got a 10-ft tree. It takes forever and a ladder to decorate. Can't wait to get started! Love yours!
Becky Thomas Lane Dani, are you even 45 yet? Check back with me when you are 58 and let me know how you like climbing that ladder.

Hill Country Hippie (aka Miss Becky) said...

Marguerite, John gave me a beautiful raku ceramic nativity set a few years ago (very colorful!) and that's my only other must-have decoration besides the tree and the stockings that my mother made for us all. Since the whole living room is decorated with red and green year round, it doesn't really take much to make it look Christmasy!