Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Things aren't lookin' so good in the Cantina Garden these days. She survived those first dips down to freezing just fine, but didn't handle recent forays into the 20's near so well--especially since I wasn't here to give everyone a good drink the night before, or toss frost cloth over her most tender residents. The

beautifully tall castor bean with huge star-shaped leaves is now a naked stick, and the cow's tongue is just, well, downright icky looking! I will, however, gladly give up a few succulents to mushiness, as long as the cold snap also took a slew of grasshoppers and caterpillars out with them. I am sooooo fed up with those suckers making my veggies look like Swiss cheese! Maybe now they'll have a fightin' chance. Too bad it had to zap all my variegated nasturtiums though, before they ever got a chance to bloom. They were looking so lush and full when I left for Houston last week.

Oh yeah, and to whomever those hoofprints belong to? Hope you enjoyed all my dang strawberries! I'll forgive you for eating something when you're hungry. But to pop my bok choy out of the ground, and then not eat it? Well, that's just RUDE!


musingegret said...

Hilarious post! Here's news from your neck of the woods:

The video reminded me of your post of 9/17/2010. BTW, have I told you how very much I **love** your "search" widget? I can put in "Jacob's Well" and get 6 entries. Only problem? I start reading all the back posts and get swept away in time and nostalgia! You've really established a voice and POV on this blog Becky. Austin and Lex and their kids will be thanking you in decades to come.

Anyway, it was a cute synchro to read that Sept entry about making your concrete leaf that was then featured on this current post! Patterns within patterns.

Oooh, that reminds me of a favorite poem from back in high school drama tournament days:

Anyway, sad cantina garden will bloom anew come March, but better start conserving water now. Check out this drought info:

"Unfortunately, all indicators point to the drought worsening during our winter...."

And on that depressing note, I bid you adieu. ;-)

Hill Country Hippie said...

You're right. I just checked the water level on the tank a couple of days ago, and it's only about half full now. We got a little lax in our conservation efforts during this bountiful El Nino year, but need to straighten up and fly right now that La Nina is upon us!