Saturday, July 11, 2009


Wimberley has two public high schools. One's a small charter called the Katherine Ann Porter School, but most just call it KAPS. It serves grades 9-12, has a total of 124 students and a 7.7 students per teacher ratio. I hadn't really paid it much mind, since I no longer have kids in school, but one day, I noticed that a whole bunch of recycling bins had appeared in its parking lot. A while after that, I saw a crew of young people out by the road, digging up the scrawny, pitiful shrubs that were struggling to survive in that death strip between the parking lot and the highway. Next thing you know, they have been replaced with a bunch of drought-tolerant natives. And what's this? They have an extensive water catchment system? What on earth is going on here?

I found out a short time later, when an article appeared in the Wimberley View. It seems that KAPS is not only making an effort to green up their facility, they have also worked it into their curriculum, and are teaching their students how to live sustainably. They even have a vegetable garden out back! Now, that's what I call a proper education.

Note: When you look at these photos, keep in mind that they were taken during record heat and drought, while the kids are all away on vacation. The veggie patch looks pretty sad, I know, but aren't those natives out by the road doing well?

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