Friday, July 3, 2009


We've been in Houston all week, for follow up appointments with John's surgeon and cardiologist. They were both quite pleased with his progress, which means I get to hang up my chauffer's cap, and he gets to go back to work next week. I'm ecstatic about my reward. I think he has mixed feelings about his.

Being here in Houston now is something of a mixed blessing, as well. Our son, who just graduated and is still looking for a permanent position, is doing some contract work for one of John's partners, and staying here at our little townhouse. It is sooo much fun to have him here. Unlike his father, he actually likes to cook, and is always willing to get in the kitchen with me. What a treat! And, if he is here, that means the most precious dog in the world is here too, giving me all the sweet lovin' a girl could ask for. But, OH-MY-GOSH! You would not believe the clutter in this house!

There is no extra storage space here, so the entire contents of Austin's college apartment have been packed away in boxes, which are stacked around the perimeter of the garage, and in the corners of every room. Add that to the way John "redecorated" the place after I moved to Wimberley - moving his two desks and all of his computer equipment out of the spare room upstairs, and down into the only living area, where they are circled around the TV like wagons around a campfire - and perhaps you can understand why the whole place just gives me the heebie jeebies now, and is not very conducive to introspection or meditation. Oh, and did I mention the newest accessory he added, as his finishing touch? A shiny new deluxe stationary bike, right smack dab in the middle of everything. Welcome to He-Man Heaven!


Teri in CO said...

It sounds just lovely! =) When are you back in Hill Country?

musingegret said...

Heebie-jeebies is right! Not exactly an environment pre-disposed to your 'de-clutter and simplify' philosophy; my sympathies to you. LOL

I bet the Hill Country home beckons even more sweetly now. Again tho', 'good on you' for being such a wonderful nurse---John's doctors would prob'ly give you a good reference for Home Health Care Aide!

Hill Country Hippie said...

Teri - I'll be back Sunday. When do you go back to CO? Have you found your dream house yet?

ME - Last job I'd ever want though! Nursing is really not my thing. I'm afraid I could only do it out of love.

lexlane said...

Yeah, nursing isn't your strong point. The minute somebody starts crying because it hurts and blood shows up, you're outta there.

You have too much sympathy for what the other person is feeling, and it ends up hurting you as much as it hurts them.

You and Dad were both pretty funny when I got into the car accident. Dad trying to peak under the bandage to see how bad it was, and you running out the door so you didn't have to see.