Monday, June 15, 2009


I already regret typing in that title. Now the sound of those eerie child-like voices from Disney World will be going round and round in my head until some other music manages to shove them aside. You too, huh?

But, it truly is a small, small world! I got an email the other day from a woman who had stumbled upon my blog by clicking a link on Susan Wittig Albert's lovely blog, Lifescapes. The posting that it took her to happened to be the one about the little church house down below us. Imagine her surprise when she saw the photos, and realized they were of the house just across the dam from her! Which, of course, meant that she was neighbors with this unknown blogger she had just come across.

Not only was she kind enough to write and introduce herself, but it seems she was also impressed with some of my photos, and wanted to make sure I knew about the naturescape contest that was being sponsored by the local photography club which she is involved with. Alas, I was forced to admit to her that my photography talents are abysmal. If there are any pictures on my blog that are at all art-worthy (such as the misty morning shot of the church house), they were surely taken by Dear Hubby, not me.

Wouldn't it be great, though, if he were to enter the contest, and maybe even join the club? I would be simply ecstatic if being around other Hill Country photographers were to get his passion fired up again - maybe even take it to the next level.


Teri in CO said...

How cool is that! It IS a small world!

musingegret said...

Oh gee thanks for the 'earworm' Becky! ;-)

Somehow I sense another synchronicity has developed (and multi-layered at that--new neighbor, your church posting, her view across the dam)! How very very cool and I, for one, loved the misty morning shot so John should definitely check around and find some compatriots similar to your Muses, huh?

On a totally 'nother subject, check out this NYT article and the related site that's linked into the article. I've gotten such a kick out of reading all about this homage centennial journey to Alice Ramsey by young mother, Emily Anderson. Oh, how I wish her route had her dipping into Texas----but alas, no!


Hill Country Hippie said...

So that's what you call those boogers! I had the hardest time getting to sleep after seeing Mama Mia, since just about all of Abba's songs are earworms!

Concerning Alice and Emily, I'm afraid they are both way braver than I will ever be! Isn't that funny, that I was happy to go live in Indonesia and Bahrain, but the thought of being alone and broken down on the highway here in the US just terrifies me?