Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Although we came face to face with the dregs of humanity at the hospital, we also met quite a few who surely have earned their wings. It is this balance that always keeps me going, keeps me from giving up on the human race altogether.

The most amazing people weren't even the doctors and nurses, though some of those were truly wonderful. It was the people I camped out with in the Cardiac ICU for those four days, that made this whole experience worthwhile - the ones who had already been through the wringer before I even arrived, but who still took the time to show me the ropes when I wandered in looking lost and helpless... the ones who always made a point to ask how my husband was doing each time they saw me, and who seemed so happy for each improvement, despite the fact that their own loved ones were going steadily downhill... the ones who stood up and burst into spontaneous applause when they heard the nurse tell me to grab my things, for we were on our way upstairs! I can't even think about that, without choking up.

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