Sunday, May 10, 2009


So, about that Very Important Meeting that I had to skip out on my tank delivery for. It just so happens that Wednesday, I had my first ever, face-to-face meet-up with one of my long-distance blog readers!

Sherri and her family live on Catalina Island, but have bought a retirement home here in Wimberley, and she found my blog when she was cruising the internet, trying to get more info on her future hometown. It just so happens that the house they bought is in the same neighborhood that one of the Muses lives in, and I hooked the two of them up by email so that Sherri could get answers to some of her questions. Not long ago Sherri mentioned that they would be in the area for a week-long vacation, so we scheduled a meet-up at The Leaning Pear, and two of the Muses decided to join us.

How did it go? Great - once we got past the part where I walked up to Sherri and said "Hi, Becca!" I have mentioned to you before, haven't I, that the Chatty Cathy that you see here on the screen is not at all the same person you will see in person? There seems to be a disconnect between my brain and tongue, especially when it comes to introductions. I once dated a guy for several months, but when I had to introduce him to my uncle, I went totally blank, and couldn't remember his name to save my life. Talk about embarrassing! And where on earth did I come up with the name Becca in the first place? (so similar to Sherri, and easy to confuse, right?) Well, I have another blog reader named Becca, aka musingegret. She had just recently sent me an e-mail saying that one day soon she was going to treat herself to a day in Wimberley (she's not too far away), and she wondered if I'd be interested in doing a meet-up at The Leaning Pear? Of course I told her "Well it just so happens...", and invited her to join us for this one. Shortly before the name mix up, I had received her reply saying that unfortunately, she wouldn't be able to make it on that day, so, my brain did it's usual flip-flop, and Voila!

But other than that, we had a great time!


musingegret said...

Oooh Becky, you are such a stitch! I bet you'll address me as Sherri whenever the meet-up happens. In the meantime, give us some dish about the lunch....who ordered what, was it good, how are the owners doing, has there been a downturn in business? And a shout out to Sherri: "Welcome to Central Texas, how did you decide on Wimberley after living on Catalina Island? Do Tell!"

Hill Country Hippie said...

Funny you should ask! I actually had Ribbolita that day, which is a soup like the one I just shared with you all a few days ago. The owner/chef is a genius when it comes to soups. One of us had a salad, and the rest all tried various soup/sandwich combos, and we shared a panna cotta for dessert. All yummy! I saw no signs that their business is suffering at all, and the owners seem to be doing great, in spite of the fact that they are now juggling new parenthood with running this business. Sherri's husband is a Texas boy, from Killeen, and maybe you should wear a big name tag when we meet up, just to be safe. There, does that cover it all?

Anonymous said...

Lunch was fabulous for me as well -- Becky and Deb and Debi reconfirmed many of my reasons for Wimberley. Wonderful, genuine people eager to better themselves and their place in the world. Thanks again for the wonderful lunch -- more later, I'm typing from the floor of a hotel room, everyone else is asleep.
Becca--I mean Sherri.

musingegret said...

Covers all queries and then some! Many thanks. Went back and read your entry for 'reboiled' on March 19:

Yum! I love all kinds of good soup and stew. I got on a kick this winter after I discovered how good the pork/venison sausage at Sam's is (Kountry Boys is the brand, I think). Saute some chopped garlic and a couple of links sliced up along with some diced carrots, add 2 cans of Bush's Great Northerns and a can of chicken broth and a half/can or so of beer (drink the rest while saute'ing) and after simmering till carrot's tender, add a couple of handsful of chopped cabbage. Very hearty and filling! (Add water as needed.)

Joanna Jenkins said...

Ladies, this sounds like a great time!!!

Polly said...

I haven't been to Wimberley in years. I'll have to get over there sometime this summer. Sherri, you are moving in to one of the most beautiful parts of this great state. Welcome!