Friday, April 10, 2009


"The central character in a life story should have a clear desire line....Your desire is the engine of your story and your desire line is the track it runs on." --- Tristine Rainer

Interesting quote. Just stumbled across it in my journal this morning, and it got me to thinking. It made me realize that my desire for a more reasonable life has been the engine that has lead me to most every decision I've made since I was a teen in the late 60's. It has shaped the path of my life, and brought me to the place where I am now. Thank Heavens! 'Cause if not for that, well, I wouldn't have had, not one, but TWO great parties to go to this week, and John wouldn't have taken this whole week off from work to be here for them.

Last night's revelry was a surprise party in honor of friend Cindy's 50th birthday. This one was also held in the tiny town of Fishcher (over towards Canyon Lake), but instead of being at Fischer Hall, it was held at the new cantina which the owners of Fischer B&B just added to their property. Our musical entertainment was provided by another of Slim Richey's bands (remember Kat's Meow?), called Jitterbug Vipers, and this was another family-style pot-luck dinner-dance.

I'm beginning to realize that volunteering for the board of The Bountiful Sprout was one of the smartest things I ever did. Not only do these people like to party, they also care passionately about their food, so whenever we get together for a pot-luck, we eat good!

Oh, and about that special request. In case you hadn't noticed, I finally figured out that I have a choice when it comes to picture size here, and I really love the look of the larger pictures I have been posting lately. However, I don't want to continue doing that if it is taking way too long for my blog to load, each time you open it. So, PLEASE, let me know if that gets to be a problem, and I will go back to smaller pics!

Meanwhile, PARTY ON!


Joanna Jenkins said...

No problem here! And I LOVE the larger pics. More please.

Hill Country Hippie said...

Good to hear!

musingegret said...

I second every point that Joanna Jenkins made! Lovely pics of quite the 'fais-do-do'. Cut that rug HCH!

Hill Country Hippie said...

Even doggies came to this one!