Thursday, September 18, 2008


There is a Mexican restaurant in Singapore. When we lived in Indonesia, we went there every chance we got. Sometimes the food was sublime, sometimes it was ridiculous. I used to think the problem was in the kitchen, but finally I realized it was relative in nature, and was dependent upon how long it had been since we were last in Texas. If neither enchilada nor taco had passed our lips for months on end, the Singaporean version tasted pretty darn delicious. However, if you made the mistake of stopping there on your way back from home leave, it would just about turn your stomach.

The only area where we have ever felt that Wimberley was seriously lacking, was with regard to Asian food. As in, there was none. So every time I went back to Houston, that was number one on my agenda. Imagine my surprise when I drove past the donut place the other day, and saw a big ol' sign that said "Chinese 11 - 3." Of course, the Muses and I had to try it out. I'm afraid the most I can say is "Didn't suck." However, I think there will come a time, once we give up the place in Houston, and as we become more and more reluctant to drive all the way to Austin just to get a Chinese fix, when it will begin to taste better and better to me. Kind of like that Mexican food in Singapore.

Monday, September 15, 2008


I really need to see someone about my arm. I have been putting up with this affliction for years, and it's time I did something about it. I was attending my very first meeting yesterday of Bountiful Sprout, a member-owned and operated food buying community that I just joined, and it happened again. The speaker asked for a volunteer, the room became eerily silent, and the next thing I knew, that wayward arm had leaped up into the air, even though I was practically sitting on it! Which is why, I am now the newest board member at Bountiful Sprout.

Bountiful Sprout is commited to making quality, organic food available close to home. My job, as a board member, will be to help locate producers (something I spend a lot of time doing already), to help inspect their facilities to assure that the producers continue to meet our standards, and to help spread the word. Eventually, we hope to be on a par with Wheatsville Co-op over in Austin, so that we in the Wimberley area can get everything we need close to home, and not continually be running into the city for trips to Central Market and Whole Foods. The thing I am most interested in promoting, is that this is a tremendous opportunity for you entrepreneurs out there. Have you been wracking your brain, trying to figure out a way to support the life of your dreams? Well, try visiting the website ( and check out the shopper's wish list that we are compiling, and which will soon be posted (under "forum" I believe). Do you see an item that is in great demand? Maybe you are just the person to provide it! As a producer member, all you have to do is log into the site every other week and update your availabilities. The shoppers then have four days to place their orders from everything that is available. You drop off your goods on the designated pick up date, at our central location, and we even sort it for you. How great is that? And for you other communities out there, who might be interested in setting up something similar, I understand there is an excellant free software program available.

Well, I'm really not sorry my arm acted up again - at least, not yet. After all, what a wonderful opportunity I will have, for meeting a great assortment of Hill Country Characters, foodies and locavores. And what is the motto I keep on my desk? Do something every day that scares you!

Still, I think it's best if I lay off of attending meetings, until I get this arm looked at.