Friday, November 7, 2008


My recent birthday got me to thinkin' about gifts, signs of affection, and proof of love. Some folks are all about the rituals and show. The more you abide by the Hallmark Holiday Rules, the more you must love them, right? Maybe not.

Our son would probably never remember Mother's Day or Father's Day, or even our birthdays, if he didn't have an older sister to prod him, and neither one of them has any idea when our anniversary is, and yet, there's not a doubt in my mind that they adore us. I've actually overheard them, on more than one occasion, telling friends that they hit the jackpot when it comes to parents.

Some folks, however, are all about the trappings, and are absolutely clueless when it comes to the true meaning of a gift. If they knew how some gift-givers really felt, they would be horrified. Often, showering a person with gifts and honoring every single Hallmark occasion, is more akin to natives making sacrifices to the volcano gods - they are just hoping to buy some peace and quiet.

Personally, I'd be suspicious of someone who made a big deal about giving me elaborately wrapped gifts on all of the mandatory occasions. Like the Trojans with their gift horse, this person is probably the one most likely to be doin' the happy dance when I am gone. Good thing my hubby hates following "the rules," and prefers to do his gift giving spontaneously, when you least expect it, wrapped in whatever the store put it in.

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