Monday, November 19, 2007

YOU KNEW HE WAS, continued once more

Well, we had to call a tow truck again yesterday. John went to take some stuff to the dump, then for some unknown reason, he felt the urge to try and see how Tom and Teri managed to get from San Marcos to us, sans pavement. I don't think he ever actually figured it out, bet he did get to drive up the Road from Hell again, and when he was almost to the top, he met another car coming from the opposite direction. There wasn't room for them to pass each other at that point, so John did the neighborly thing and tried to back up out of the way. His reward for that gesture was ending up with his butt in a ditch. Poor baby. He had to walk the rest of the way home in the blazing heat, and then face me and admit what he had been up to. When he called AAA, they told him they would send someone, but it would probably take an hour or more. A couple of hours later we got a call from the driver, to let us know he was fixin' to leave Austin! Of course, since they were sending someone who wasn't even familiar with this area, there was no way to explain where the car was located. When he got close he called again. Then we had to go meet him and lead him to it, so I was lucky enough to get to take yet another spin on my least favorite theme park attraction.

I was very proud of John and the way he handled all of this. Although he's never been one to get mad at me or the kids when we did something dumb, he has always been pretty hard on himself, and a situation like this could have put him in a funk for the entire weekend. I'm not sure whether it's maturity that has made him more mellow, or if it could be the Wimberley Magic at work on him, but somehow he managed to shrug it all off with a grin, saying "Guess I'm going to be in that damn book of yours again, huh?" We were starving by the time it was all over, so we decided to blow off the chores we had planned to do, and drove over to San Marcos instead to eat at one of our favorite little places with the great outdoor courtyard. We took in a movie, then headed back to Wimberley and stopped at the cafe in the square for some Blue Bell ice cream. They have live music outside on the weekends, so we sat on the patio, licking our cones, listening to "The Plucking Idiots", and watching the tourists stroll the square. I tell you what - grabbing a cone in Dallas or Houston was never anywhere near as much fun as this! This rates right up there with the time we had a gelato at a sidewalk cafe in Italy. We ended the day back in our rockers on the front porch, watching the stars come out, and wondering how on God's green earth did we ever get so lucky? You are probably wondering why I didn't flip out when I found out why he was on that stupid road in the first place. Well, what can I say? I knew he was an engineer when I married him.