Wednesday, January 24, 2018


I'm still mulling over the steps I need to take in order to edge this blog into becoming the virtual version of the café where I meet up with my real life muses every week. Which got me to thinkin' about the space where we actually started meeting about ten years ago -- just as I was beginning this blog -- and how it has changed over the years.

Back in the Day
Owner DuAnne originally envisioned her café, called Maui Wowi, as a safe place for our local teens to work and hang out, but it somehow got taken over by we seniors -- at least in the hours before noon each day. After 12 years and a very bad fall that kept her incapacitated for a quite some time, she decided it was time to pass the torch. We now see her there most Tuesdays, thoroughly enjoying this chance to travel and spend more time with friends and grandkids, and the luxury of sleeping in for a change, then coming to hang out at the cafe as a woman of leisure, like the rest of us!

The new owner changed the name from Maui Wowi to Indigo Brew, and did a bit of redecorating before reopening. Love the new look, and all the comfy furniture she added!

I'm also tickled to death that they kept my favorite chai latte mix, and started bringing in even more goodies from our favorite local bakery, The Sugar Shack.

In fact, our one and only complaint is that the new blender they use for frosty cold drinks is so dang loud that everyone in the cafe has to stop talking each time they turn it on, and you know how we hate to do that!

Spirit Woman Tells of Her Month-Long Adventure in Crete
Ah well, at least with the frigid weather we've been having, not too many are ordering anything frosty!

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