Monday, November 6, 2017


In body, at least, although our spirits keep wandering back and forth between home and Lucky Star Art Camp. Lucky Star has always been my happy place, but when I said "It just doesn't get any better!", I was wrong. Having my daughter there to share the whole experience with me? Well, that took things to a whole new level of happy!

Lex And Roomie LaNell, In Front Of Our Cabin
I love the beautiful stucco and tilework in all of the cabins!
Color-Mad Bedding
Hubby drove us over to Hunt, TX, at the western edge of the Texas Hill Country, and dropped us off at Camp Waldemar, then he went and checked into a hotel and spent the next three days exploring Kerrville, Bandera, Medina and Lost Maples Park. You can read about my first trip to Lucky Star here, and see lots of photos of the amazing girls' camp where it is held, which is good, since I didn't take very many this year. I was just too busy having fun!

Our fearless leader Lisa dropped in on my wire jewelry class, wearing a head wreath she'd just completed in another class.
Classmates hard at work in my paper- & fabric-marbling class.

Our instructor, Kelley Walker, was actually just a student like me, and was my roommate, my first year at  Lucky Star. A couple of years later she progressed to being one of my favorite instructors, and made me fall in love with making monoprints on a Geli-plate. Can't wait to see what she comes up with next year!

A new-to-me instructor was Jennifer Mercede, who does amazing things with creatures and florals.

One of Jennifer's Notecards
Of course, in addition to my wonderful classes, which I will share more about later, there was the usual a-MAZ-ing food (possibly the true reason we all keep coming back) and the evenings spent around the campfire with Austin singer-songwriter Mandy Rowden.

Lex finally got her S'more, which made her a Happy Camper!
The best thing about having Lex there with me is that, together, we were braver than either of us would ever have been on our own. Which is probably how we ended up volunteering to be part of Mandy's Kickass Rockstar Ninja Princess Glee Club -- something new they offered this year. We almost chickened out when they decided we needed to add dance moves to our singing, but we stuck it out, and it ended up being the very best part of our whole experience.

There may, or may not, be some videos involving booty-shaking floating around the internet.

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