Thursday, August 3, 2017


For some reason I got the urge yesterday to just walk around my house, snapping pictures of anything that grabbed my attention. Then I got another urge -- to share them with you.  Big news first. TaaDaa!

At last! We finally have a matched set of undamaged chairs, and it only took them six months and three tries to achieve it!

Down at the other end of the living room, near the grandfather clock, is a spare dining room chair. This is where we always stash anything that we need to remember to take to one of the kids, next time we see them. More often than not these days, it's usually something like this...

some snuggly-cute onesie outfit for that funny little fellow in the photo. It was half off! How's a grandma to resist?

If you're looking for something good to read, might I suggest this novel on the sofa table?

It's about an aristocratic young count who manages to avoid the firing squad after the revolution, but instead gets sentenced to a lifetime of house-arrest in the attic of the finest hotel in Moscow. Fascinating!

Back in the bedroodio, there's more exciting news. The Sudan/Barcelona travel journal is finished, and has been packed up and mailed off for adventures of its own. Who knows where it might end up?

I'm just so happy to see the surface of my art table again! 

Meanwhile, out on the balcony, it's definitely time to replace that rug. We have a resident squirrel who loves to lounge in our damp window boxes when he wants to cool off, and chew on our rug when he can't find any buried acorns in them.

Hopefully he won't be quite so tempted by this plastic one.

Since we have to go outside to get downstairs, I might as well show you what Hubby has been up to.

First he installed this gorgeous screen door for me, then he went on a mad painting spree, including all four outside doors, an old TV cabinet on the downstairs porch that we store gardening stuff in, and a couple of rocking chairs -- all in triple-digit-temps!

The Laundry Room Attached To Our Garage
I know you've all heard about my bedroodio, but did you know Hubby has one too? Unless we are expecting house guests, the downstairs bedroom always looks something like this.

Remember the new wall shelves for photos that I shared recently? The ones I chose in order to remove some of the clutter from our upstairs walls? Well, Hubby took that idea and ran with it! Now every surface of every wall downstairs looks something like this...

even the ones in his tiny little closet-sized office.

That's one happy boy!


The Old Man said...

Geez! Could have at least told me to comb my hair before taking this picture. Just you wait, turn around is fair play.

Hill Country Hippie said...

I thank my lucky stars that you don't have a blog!

Unknown said...

You two are so cute!

texascinzia said...

Thanks for the home tour! Will it be featured next year by the Civic Club?? Love your blog.❤️

Hill Country Hippie said...

No! Most definitely not. It would probably be more suited for Austin's Weird Home Tour.