Thursday, July 20, 2017


I can't believe summer is already half over, and the Muses and I just now made it to The Blue Hole, on Cypress Creek, for our first float of the season! Now that the temps are a steady stream of triple digits, it's quite the popular place, thanks to the always-cool water and the blessed shade from those ancient eponymous trees which line its banks. We are ever so grateful that, unlike the ones along our section of the Blanco River, these were spared from the devastation of the floods.

Mobs of people had the same idea as us yesterday, but the Muses and I have a secret modus opperandi. Wait and go around 4:00, when people are starting to poop out, and walk past all the moms with little kiddos in the shallow section. Keep walking past the hordes of teens and tweens standing in long lines at the the rope swings, awaiting their two seconds of bliss when they can swing out and let go with a Tarzan-like scream. Then keep on walking until you reach the very last ladder down to the water. Climb in there and paddle your float or tube down even further, until at last you reach the rope with a sign saying something like "Halt! Private Property". Then, at last, you will have reached the one and only calm, peaceful spot in the entire place.

Well unless, of course, the Muses and I happened to get there before you, in which case we'll be laughin' and yakkin' our heads off.


LaNell Taylor said...

Let me know when you go again. I'd love to join you and your Muses.

Hill Country Hippie said...

Sure thing!