Tuesday, June 6, 2017


The next morning, as usual, I was up waaaaaay before everyone else. And, thanks to our hotel's breakfast room that serves complimentary breakfasts starting at 6 AM, but where you can help yourself to assorted beverages and warm cookies whenever you like, I was able to grab my book, brew a cup of hot tea, and head out to the courtyard to watch the town come to life -- my favorite way to start the day! About an hour later Mr. Tim came by, on his way out for his morning walk, and not too much later, everyone was up and ready for breakfast. We toyed, very briefly, with the idea of eating the hotel's free breakfast, then laughed and thought "Who are we kidding?" After seeing such yummy offerings as frosted peach muffins, blueberry coffeecake, and ham and cheese croissants next door yesterday, along with all sorts of lattes and mochas, we really had no choice but to head straight back to the Twisted Sisters Bake Shop, right?

By the time we had finished our breakfast, the shops were beginning to open, so we headed down to the west end of Main St. to complete our explorations. When we first moved to the Hill Country there was a new phenomena in Fredericksburg -- a vunderkind named Carol Hicks Bolton who, along with her hubby, had started with one really unique shop featuring antique furnishings made modern and all sorts of unique home accessories, and ended up with five or six different shops, specializing in everything from garden decor to bedding. So, imagine my surprise and disappointment when I couldn't find any of them!

Next we went off to complete a mission assigned to us by Outdoor Woman, when she shared all her helpful tips from their recent trip to Fredericksburg. She said she kept meaning to search this place out, but had never got around to it, so now she was passing the mission on to us.

Mission Accomplished! Have you ever heard of German Chocolate Pie? Neither had I!

After that, it was time to pack up, check out of the hotel, and grab some lunch before heading home. A friend who lives in the area recommended Woerner Warehouse Cafe a while back, but we never seemed to hit it on the right day or time. That day, we finally did it!

And, not only did we get an awesome lunch, but also the answer to my "Whatever happened to Carol Hicks Bolton?" question! For everything is now here, in the area surrounding this wonderful little cafe, and in the huge building next to it.

We had one last mission after that, to get Miss Paula some fresh Fredericksburg peaches, then we were on our way home for a bit more tea-sipping, cigar smoking, and conversation. So much fun packed into just over 24 hours. But, like I said before, you don't have to go far, spend much, or stay long to have a great adventure. All you really need is the right people to share it with!

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