Wednesday, June 28, 2017


We've got a couple of new-ish eating establishments here in our little town. I say "-ish" because they've actually been here several months, but we just now got around to trying them. They are something you hear about more and more in larger cities, but still a bit of an oddity in a town this size -- Food Trucks!

One is called Phò-Lisha's, and their specialty is the Phorritto -- a concoction owner Alisha dreamed up, where she takes the solid ingredients you would find in a bowl of the Vietnamese soup Phò, wraps them in a flour tortilla, and then gives you a little cup of the soup broth to dip them in.

Those are always on the menu, but then she usually has a curry dish as well, plus a rotating lineup of Cajun dishes.

Her next-door neighbor is the Creekside Cookers BBQ truck.

Hubby and I decided the best plan of attack was to divide and conquer, so I ordered a phorritto...

while he stood in line for some BBQ...

then we swapped bites.

I have to say, it was all pret-ty darn yummy!

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