Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Outdoor Woman And Their Newest Fuzzball, Gus
When you live in a small town, you tend to have friends or groups of friends that overlap with one another in several different ways. My friend Outdoor Woman knows pretty much everyone in town since she is not only a Muse and one of my Wino buddies, but also a member of just about every group in Wimberley. Which is why, when you consider everyone she is friends with and could have invited over, Hubby and I feel kinda like we won the lottery this week!

Their patio overlooks Lone Man Creek, where we might have gone for a float had it not been unusually chilly and drizzly.
It all started when she posted a picture of her kitchen counter absolutely covered in the fresh produce that her hubby had harvested from their backyard garden that very morning, and which it was now up to her to use or loose. I was thinking to myself "I'd be happy to help you with that!" but didn't actually say anything. Another of our Wino buddies, however, was not so timid, and immediately left a comment saying "Looks to me like you need some dinner guests!" Which is how we ended up falling into this!

A bit of color-mad coordination I just couldn't resist snapping a photo of.
The beans on the small plate are the purple kind which, sadly, turn green once they are cooked.

Deviled Eggs, Straight From The Hen House
Zucchini Cake With Cream Cheese Frosting and Fresh Mango
And, believe it or not, she still had this left on her counter...

and more in the garden, just waiting to be harvested.

Like I always say, it pays to know the right people -- people with chickens and veggie gardens!

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