Tuesday, February 7, 2017


We now have a big basket of children's books right next to the sofa. As soon as great-nephew Calvin arrived, he zeroed in on the one about animal sounds and made his parents read it to him over and over and over. He had the part about dogs and cats and cows down pat, even knew that singing pigs say "la la la", but always seemed to hesitate when in came to the horse.

So, on Saturday evening we took our little visiting family to eat at Hays City Cafe. Since the weather was so perfect we decided to eat out under the trees, and when nephew Geoffrey spotted a real live horse on the other side of the fence, he decided to take his Calvin over for a closer look. The poor kid got so excited, he almost lost it! Geoff said he was actually vibrating in his arms. As soon as they got back to the table, Calvin made his mom take him back to the fence again, where two more horsies had appeared.

He was a tad calmer this time.

He also enjoyed the bean bag toss game (known as "Corn Hole" where he comes from) though it was set up way too close to the driveway for my liking, and one kid came dangerously close to getting run over when he darted out in front of a big SUV.

Add in the twinkle lights and live musical entertainment, and I'd say it was a pretty magical evening all around!

We finished off their visit Sunday morning with breakfast at Wimberley Cafe, a stroll around the square,  and a walk along Cypress Creek.

Hope the visit was as memorable for them as it was for us.

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