Thursday, February 2, 2017


We had some very special house guests this week -- our nephew Geoff and his family. His wife Jessica and our Alexis had babies within six months of each other. But, way before they were even ready to have children, each couple, unbeknownst to the other, had decided that if they ever had a son, he would definitely be named Calvin. This week, the two Calvins finally got to meet one another! It was an adventure-filled few days for them both. Here's a sampling of what happened, just on Monday alone:

Playing On The Slide At The Library
Story Time
Our Funny Children's Librarian and Helper Helen
Decorating His Mitten During Craft Time
Toy Time
Lunch At Mima's, Wearing Uncle John's Hat
Nap Time
Dinner with Lexi, Nate and Calvin II at The Salt Lick
Goofy Goober Faces
Friends Forever -- They did this completely on their own!
It's been a long day, huh Papaw? But, a really, really good one!

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