Friday, December 9, 2016


On Tuesday the Muses and I had planned to meet for lunch at Pieous in Dripping Springs. We had a birthday to celebrate, which called for something a little more special than our weekly coffee klatch. Since Pieous is midway between Wimberley and S. Austin, where my daughter lives, I decided this would be an excellent opportunity for Little Goober to finally meet the Muses!

We were so busy yakking and passing the baby from one person to another, I forgot to take any photos until the food was all but gone.

I've always ordered the Marguerita pizza, above, but this time Outdoor Woman suggested we try the roasted Brussels Sprouts pizza, with some kind of jam on it -- I think it was bacon. Oh, my, my! And, of course, their plate of house-made pastrami with condiments is a must try. I never even liked pastrami until someone made me try this one. Absolutely melts in your mouth.

On the way back to Wimberley, we suddenly realized that Outdoor Woman never got her birthday dessert (horrors of war) so we had to make a stop at Hays City Cafe.

A most satisfying end to a great celebration, no?

A couple of days later I met up with Lex and Goober again, to run some holiday errands together. When we got back to her house, we laid Goobs down in his play area while we took off coats and put things away. Up until that point, he had been pushing himself up onto one hip, but always kept one hand on the ground for balance. Well, look what we found when we turned back around just a few seconds later!

Check out those Yeti jammies!

Can't wait for him to figure out that books are for more than eating!

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