Monday, September 12, 2016


Remember my post about taking over the dining room table for artful purposes? Well, guess what my daughter's dining room table looks like?

Midway through her pregnancy she happened across a notice in her neighborhood newsletter, posted by a woman who has an Etsy shop where she makes and sells all sorts of veils and headpieces. The business had grown to the point where she really needed to take on some help, so Lex went to talk to her. When the woman handed Lex her business card, Lex was like "You've got to be kidding!" Remember the amazing hair ornament Lex wore in her speakeasy-themed wedding?

Yep, this is the woman she ordered it from! Only, at the time, I think she was based in California. Now, she lives a few streets over from Lex. Unfortunately, the woman's husband just got transferred again, to Arizona maybe? Luckily, she likes Lexi's work so much she's going to have the supplies shipped directly to Lex so they can continue working together.

What's really funny is that, when I was a brand new mom who had just quit a full-time job to stay home with my baby, but really, really needed a creative outlet, I too was approached by a neighbor who had a home based business that was getting out of hand. So whenever baby Lex was napping, or after I'd put her to bed at night, you could always find me at my sewing machine, making things like machine appliqued sweat shirts and nap pads and bandanna bibs.

That's Lexi's quilted nap pad, complete with a built in pillow with her name appliqued on it, folded up under my head.
A Lanford Christmas celebration, where Chase got one of my bandanna bibs with a sheriff's star on it.
So, as I said, like mother, like daughter!


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