Wednesday, August 24, 2016


I often find myself wondering what it takes for a business to stay afloat in a small town like Wimberley -- especially a restaurant. You wouldn't believe how quickly they go in and out! Some are out of business before we even make it over there to try them. Others, like the infamous Agave just down the road from us, which they worked on for years, never even got around to opening their doors!

All I know is that, whatever the magic formula is, the people at Hays City Store have it down to an art!

If you are located in the center of town, and cater to the tourist crowd, you really don't have to be all that good. The tourists go to whatever is most convenient. Hays City, however, is four or five miles out from town. They are most definitely a community cafe -- one which relies on return customers -- and there lies their gift. They have worked very hard at figuring out just what their community wants and needs. If something isn't working, they eliminate it and figure out a better use for their time and space.

A lot of locals appreciate the full bar. They like being able to get a decent craft beer, glass of wine, or a frozen margarita to go with their dinner. Many come for the above par burgers at lunch time, or the wonderful breakfasts with flaky biscuits, fluffy pancakes and even Migas, a Tex-Mex specialty, all served only on Sundays. (They started out serving breakfast more often but when the community didn't respond well on the other days, they took notice and adjusted their plans.) Others go for the down home Texas specialties like chicken fried steak, chili cheese dogs, and frito pie. Me? Well, I come for the specials, like the Sunday night Cajun shrimp boils they host all summer long, or the daily chef's specials that are always a surprise and almost always a delight!

Things like this...

The Chicken and Mexican Street Corn, which actually made me swoon!
and this...

Shrimp & Grits, with both yellow corn grits and blue corn grits, both locally sourced.

and this...

The Carne Guisada appetizer, served with freshly made tortillas, which you could easily make a meal off of!
I guess what I like most of all is that when we go there, they treat us like family. As well they should, since we see them waaaay more than we do most of our relatives!

So, I just want to say "Thanks Hays City, for being just what this community needed."

Long may you live!

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