Friday, August 26, 2016


Last Saturday, at the end of a week full of rain -- when they were predicting even more and our phones were beeping with flash flood alerts --  my hubby dragged me into the car and we drove over to Austin. Why? Because he had tickets to a show, and wasn't about to miss it! I may have been a bit of a drama queen about it, declaring that our dinner had better be a good one, since it was probably going to be our last meal. So, just who was it that was worth braving the torrents for? This woman here.

The one in the Zoot Suit, comedienne Paula Poundstone. He has long been a fan of her witty responses on the NPR show Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!, and wanted to see if she was that quick on the draw in person. She is!

Fortunately for my hubby, the predicted rains and floods did not materialize, and the show was a hoot 'n a holler. Best of all was the venue, One World Theater out on Bee Cave Road, overlooking the hills of Austin.

Just the first few rows were folding chairs -- the place to be if you enjoy being singled out and made part of the show. Hubby wouldn't have minded, but I was quite happy to be in the more comfy tiered seating further back, since I am the polar opposite of one who is glib-tongued.

So, I guess you could say, "All's well that ends well", and I'm kinda glad he dragged me out in the deluge. But don't tell Hubby I said so!

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