Thursday, June 30, 2016


It's hard to believe now but, when I first met my hubby-to-be and his family, I thought he and his brother didn't look a thing alike! My John seemed to take after his dad, while brother Mike clearly took after their mom and her family. Hubby was the underweight, fair-skinned, curly-haired track-runner, while his big bro was the dark-skinned, bald and burly ex-marine. Would you just look at them now?

Mesmerized by the Fire Pit at Salt Lick Barbecue
Mr. Mike and his wife Priscilla were unable to make it here for our son's wedding, since he was still undergoing PT for a knee replacement. However, since they were coming from Ohio to celebrate Prisi's dad's 90th birthday down in Lafayette, LA this month, they decided to swing by and see us as well. Although, truth be told, I'm pretty sure it was Little Goober they were actually coming to see.

Yesterday the boys went off to Austin for lunch at Easy Tiger Bake Shop and Beer Garden and a cruise around their beloved UT campus, with a stop at at the University Co-Op to stock up on tees and caps. Priscilla and I opted for almond croissants at Sugar Shack Bakery here in Wimberley, a tour of some of my favorite shops ( In Style Accessories, Dovetails, and Sassy Scrappers) and a trip to our weekly farmers' market. Everyone met back up at the house for a little rest, then we headed over to The Salt Lick to pick up dinner for eight...

and we were off to Miss Lexi's house for an evening filled with good food, good conversation, and lots and lots of baby smooching!

Someone's little neck got a whole lot stronger while I was away!

Who knows what shenanigans those boys are plotting next?

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Anonymous said...

they look like they are plotting sitting there with their grins! Cute house your daughter has! xox