Monday, April 11, 2016


Someone Who Loves Plants Even More Than Me
One of the best things about spring in the Texas Hill Country is getting to go to the spring plant sale at Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in southwest Austin, along with a few thousand other native-plant-lovers. And, if you were savvy enough to become a member there, you can even get in a day early, before all the good stuff is sold out!

When daughter Lexi and her hubby bought a house not five minutes away from the Wildflower Center, and discovered that it was a fantastic place to bring small children, they decided to become members too! I'm counting the days until I can meet up with her there, to take Little Goober on long walks through the demonstration gardens and children's play area. Then, maybe, if he manages to fall asleep in his stroller, we can even grab a bite to eat in their lovely little cafe.

Less than six weeks until Goober is due to arrive!

Know what the very best thing is about spring at the Wildflower Center? It's that we almost always get to see a couple of these guys nesting up in their special little spot on the aqueduct.

Gaahh! Is there anything cuter that a fuzzy baby owl?

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