Friday, April 1, 2016


It's been a very long time since Hubby and I participated in any kind of athletic event together. Probably not since we lived on a company compound in Indonesia, where our Canadian friends and neighbors hosted an annual event called Trapper Day, which included such things as mud pit tug of wars and log rolling in the swimming pool. Ah, those were the days! I thought I had given up competing after that, but then I saw an ad for a new kind of race to be held right here in Wimberley. A Wine Walk! Hubby had us signed up before I'd finished reading the description.

The race began here, in front of Tastebuds, where we were given our official number to wear around our neck and a cute little totebag containing our wine glass and a map of all the "hydration stations", each manned by a different winery, and fuel stations, manned by local eateries. Plus there were a few little gifts inside. Then we were off!

Not long after we started we ran into old pal Phil, who probably participated in a few of those Trapper Day events himself. He and my hubby worked for the same company, and we ended up running into each other most everywhere we moved. Now he's retired to Wimberley, just like us, and his wife Julie (aka Paint Pouring Woman) is one of my Muses!

Some people really got into the spirit of things.

We probably would have finished a whole lot sooner, if it hadn't been for all the great little shops located next to each wine station.

Love that Yellow Rose of Texas t-shirt at Cackleberry Mercantile!
Judging by the turnout, I'd say the "race" was a resounding success! And, since all the money from entry fees goes to charitable causes, I'm guessing it will be held again next year.

We're pretty worn out from all that strenuous exercise, so we're probably just gonna take it easy today, and go see this new Sally Field movie. Later!

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