Thursday, April 28, 2016


It just occurred to me that I never got around to sharing any pics from last weekend's Wimberley Arts Fest. As predicted, Sunday was a perfect day for it -- no rain, but cloudy enough to keep us from being hot and miserable. One thing I love most about this festival is that I always run into lots of my artsy friends there!

Outdoor Woman and her Weekend Guests
Hubby's favorite thing is the W.A.G. Rescue booth, which always has puppies for him to play with.

Although, his new favorite thing might just be this sno-cone truck...

which allows you to dispense your own toppings!

People come from all over to sell their arts and crafts.

Came very close to buying that ceramic lamp at the back of the booth above, but then I remembered what it will be like to have toddlers yanking on lamp cords.

Can't remember where I was, but I recently heard people talking about "Chef Somebody", who is thinking about re-opening the restaurant in Cypress Falls Event Center, where our daughter got married. Now I'm wondering if this guy below might be the fellow they were referring to...

So, you might be asking, what about this years trip to the Arts Fest made it so very "monumental"? Well, it was the first time ever that I actually bought a couple of Christmas presents months in advance, from artsy friend and neighbor Martha Gibson...

while my hubby bought absolutely nothing!

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