Monday, March 28, 2016


Is there anything better for a parent, than having one's younguns gather round?

Somebody must've dipped his head in the Easter Egg dye!

Each person got their one special Easter treat, and I was so excited to find a sugar-free version of Lexi's favorite, since she has recently been diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

Unfortunately, sugar-free does NOT mean carb-free, and carbs are what she has to count. Oops! Luckily, she brought some delicious mixed berries and low-carb vanilla ice cream, so she did not feel too deprived. Plus she got these...

which I had a hard time parting with when I realized what a perfect match they were for my color-mad table runner!

What Easter Bunny Left For Hubby
What The Easter Bunny Left For Herself

Most entertaining part of the weekend? When Little Goober woke up and started dancing around in Mummy's tummy, for all to see!

Here's hoping you spent the weekend surrounded by your tribe, whether they be related by birth, or by choice.

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