Friday, January 22, 2016


Well, that about wraps up my tales of the Epic Sudanese Adventure, though I am still having fun pasting and painting in my hold-it-in-your-hands travel journal. When I finish gluing in all the bits and pieces I collected in Sudan, and clear my head a bit,  I plan to flip it around and upside down, and start a Barcelona travel journal! Then I will share a few highlights on the blog, from the color-mad visual feast that is Catalonia. Things like this!

A Few of Gaudi's Rooftop Chimneys
Speaking of color-mad visual feasts, the Muses and I went splorin' in San Antonio the other day! We spent most of our time at the McNay art museum, which has an excellent permanent collection, but also some fun traveling exhibits.

Last time it was kinetic sculptures, this time it was...well...I'm not sure what exactly you would call this.

Life-Sized Cheese Doodle Robots

The Cardboard Art Studio

I do, however, know just what to call this...

Bakery Lorraine, at the Pearl Brewery Complex

I call it dee-licious, and the perfect way to celebrate a couple of birthdays!


Anonymous said...

Your group of pals sure know how to have a good time. xox

Hill Country Hippie said...

We do, don't we!