Monday, November 2, 2015


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Once the kids got older, we started thinking about where we wanted to end up, and how we wanted to live. One thing was obvious -- paring down was going to play a critical role. And, in the process of deciding what was important, and what was just "stuff", our holidays got pared down as well. It was my first Christmas spent here in this house that was the real eye-opener. Ever since, I have become more and more focused on quality, not quantity. These days, I put out just a handful of fall decorations, but the ones I do put out make me go squeeee inside, every time I pass them.

And now, it's on to Christmas! HaHa, I could hear my friend Nicki moaning all the way from Houston, just as she always did when I had to start ordering Christmas stuff in August at the garden center where we both worked. But, the thing is, I love Christmas more than all the other holidays combined, and with us leaving for Sudan before Christmas, and all the craziness that will be going on prior to departure, I fear it might get lost in the shuffle this year. Well, I'm just not gonna let that happen!

Besides, it's actually Hubby's fault. He opened the gates when he surreptitiously added these to my succulent centerpiece.



Corrine at said...

Enjoy your pared down decorating. I totally get it. We have a baby Christmas tree these days - a wee 3 foot tallish one and it's perfect and a few other things that make us go squeee too.


Hill Country Hippie said...

We did the same thing. We set the little tree up on the narrow table that sits behind the sofa, and when you enter the room you'd swear there was a full-sized tree behind there, but it takes a fraction of the time to decorate and UN-decorate!