Wednesday, October 21, 2015


SPOILER ALERT: Geoff & Jessica, Don't Look!

Well, I've just been having waaaay too much fun pulling together a baby present for the little grand-nephew who's soon to make his arrival up in Ohio, and may need the occasional reminder of his father's Texas roots.

It all started with this spill-proof baby plate that I spotted at Paper Bear, over in San Marcos.

Unfortunately, they had already sold out of the sippy cups and bibs that went with it. But then a few weeks later, when the Muses and I were in Dripping Springs eating crêpes, I spotted these at Cowgirls & Lace.

Woohoo! I had me a theme going! Next up,  since I'm a bit fanatical about reading to one's kids, came these.

Last, but certainly not least, Li'l Buckaroo had to have some jeans, right?

That oughta do 'im, at least for the first year, dontcha think?

AHEM! Geoff? Jessica? I thought I told you not to look!!!

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