Friday, October 16, 2015


Remember when I first moved up here full-time, and was always yammering on about our great little wine bar called Clifford's? Well, the young lady who ran it was a woman of many talents, and eventually gave up the wine bar to concentrate on yoga and music. It went through many incarnations after that then, sadly, sat empty for several years. But now it's back!

A family from New York bought it about a year ago, and transformed it into a bistro called Jobell. At first they were only open for dinner a few nights each week, and we held off trying it until they worked out all their new-restaurant-kinks. Somehow we let almost a year go by, but now that they have had plenty of time to find their sea legs, and are open for lunch as well, I knew it was time to give it a try. So, when Nurse Nellie called and asked me to meet her and her friend Ranch Woman there this week, I said "Heck Yeah!"

This outdoor deck will be the perfect place to dine, if the temperatures here will ever drop below 90F!

The Roasted Brussels Sprout Appetizer
Nurse Nellie's Chicken Salad Special
I'd say the food was pretty good for a little town like Wimberley -- about on par with The Leaning Pear, but not quite moan-worthy -- and I love it that they are utilizing ingredients from local growers and producers.

Roasted Tomato-Potato Chowder
Autumn Harvest Cobbler
All in all, I think it is definitely worth a try, as long as you understand that the portions are on the small side, while the prices are on the large side, and it most certainly is not the place to go when you are in a hurry!