Sunday, September 20, 2015


If I'm to be perfectly honest, I was not exactly enthusiastic about having HEB come to Wimberley. It seemed like one more step down that slippery slope that would transform this sleepy little village into an Austin suburb. Many people came out to fight the decision, to no avail.  Now, it is a done deal.

Though many fought against the store, that did not stop them coming out in droves for the grand opening this Friday. In fact, so many came that by the time we arrived at 9:00 AM, they had already run out of all 1,000 shopping bags, boasting artwork from local students, that were to be given away!

I must admit, however, that they seemed to try very hard to cooperate with the town regarding design demands and sustainability issues. And, to be fair, our Brookshire Bros. store that was already here, and might get run out of business, is a chain store as well, and not locally owned. In fact, HEB is actually providing more jobs to local people than it does, sells more local merchandise, and has much lower prices over all.

So, I'm left feeling very torn. Truth be told, I expect I will end up shopping both -- HEB when I have lots to buy and want to keep the cost down, or need things that BB just doesn't carry. Brookshire Bros. when I just need a couple of things for that night's dinner, and want to get in and out fast, which is most of the time!

P.S. Kudos to HEB for that wonderful rain tank and retention pond, and for incorporating design elements from the old school that was previously on this property!


Sherry Bianchi-Knod said...

I hear you, Miss Becky. You have noted a number of good things that they have incorporated, and I LOVE The Boot!

Anonymous said...

Local and some sustainable, that's pretty good. We have a local family owned chain up here that employs lots of folks and pays a good wage too. They also buy from local farmers when they can, so while it's not perfect, no chain is I suspect, they are pretty darn good. Have our fancy organic and local folk close by when I need good local eggs, veg etc. Win win too. xox

Hill Country Hippie said...

Yes, we are very fortunate to have a wonderful network of local growers and producers that we get almost all of our meat, eggs and produce from. Such a blessing!