Saturday, September 12, 2015


Ya know what? It's downright amazing just how much fun you can pack into a mere 24 hours, when you really set your mind to it. Our BFFs normally come here for our meet-ups, since they just love the Hill Country. However, they've been on the road a lot since their kids moved to another town. So, we gave them a break and drove to College Station instead, to spend Memorial Day with them. As instructed, we made sure to reach their house by 11:00 on Sunday, so we could beat the church crowd to the newest joint in town, Mad Taco. Believe me, these aren't your everyday run-of-the-mill tacos. Check out the menu on their website and you'll see what I mean!

After lunch we had an hour or so to kill before going to see a much anticipated movie, so I suggested taking a walk around their mall. (Gotta get those fitbit steps in, right?) Quite a contrast to the mall in Houston we all went to at Christmastime last year. What a madhouse! This one was so empty and easy to navigate that we all came out with sacks of merchandise, despite the brevity of our stay. I am now the proud owner of Reba dress #3 -- pretty much the only dresses I own, come to think of it, being more of a jeans person. Just fell in love with the colors, and knew it would go perfectly with the Reba jacket Santa brought me last year.

It wasn't until I got home that I realized I also had a beautiful pashmina that matched it as well, making it a perfect outfit to take on our Sudanese Adventure.

From there it was off to the movie theater, to see Robert Redford and Nick Nolte in A Walk in the Woods. What a hoot! Afterwards we returned to their house for a couple of hours of "catching up" -- the boys outside with their cigars, the girls inside, checking out a whole houseful of baby stuff that they are so generously planning to pass on to us, since their kids have decided to stop at one child. It was like walking into a Babies R Us store and being told to "Take anything you want!"

When it was time for more food, we headed out to Razoo's, since 3/4 of the group adore fried oysters. Then we were off to do more walking at their beautiful Veteran's Park.

Sculpture Made From Twin Towers Debris
Civil War Sculptures
A Wall Honoring Local Veterans
Viet Nam War Sculpture
Then it was back to their house for more catching up, only this time we traded places. The girls went out on the patio to enjoy the stars and sip hot tea, while the boys stayed inside to watch sports.

Next morning we headed off to a place called Mi Familia which, unlike Mad Taco, serves the more traditional, but equally yummy, breakfast tacos. Afterwards we drove over to Navasota, official Blues Capital of Texas, which has tons of cute little shops.

Blues Alley
Too bad only one of them was open. Not sure if it was because of Labor Day, or if they are generally closed on Mondays. Ah well, just means we get to go back some other time!

Sadly, after that it was time to go back to pack up and head home. Still, that was an awful lotta fun packed into a mere 24 hours, don't you agree?

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