Friday, June 5, 2015


Why is it that every time I desperately need to take indoor photos, which require lots of natural light, a freakin' fog rolls in? I was planning to talk about cooking from one's larder today, but when I was out walking it became more and more evident that there would be no picture-taking this morning. So, I guess I'll share another home from Austin's Weird House Tour instead.

I chose this one because it's owner has so much heart. She has spent her life giving back to her community, which is something that's been much on my mind ever since Wimberley's Great Flood occurred. 

This is Florence's Comfort House, over in E. Austin, on Kemp St. Actually, the interior of her home was off limits, although she had a garage like building behind it, which she calls "the library", and we were allowed to go visit with her there during the tour.

No, the focus of this tour was not the inside of her little home. You see, about 40 years ago Florence decided that the kids in her neighborhood needed a safe place to play, and though her house was quite tiny on the inside, she had oodles of space on the outside.

And so she began transforming this space into a happy haven...


by bit...

by bit.

This old upright piano seems to be a favorite with the neighborhood kids, as there were at least one or two seated there, pounding their little hearts out, the entire time we were there.

Florence, who is in her 70s now, does so much more than just provide a space. She happened to have had a birthday that week, so she had prepared a hot meal for every kid that came in that Saturday, in celebration. She also teaches them about gardening, and instills a love of reading.

Most importantly, she has helped transform a pretty rough neighborhood into a community.

Now that's what I call a house with heart!