Sunday, June 28, 2015


Today I am ever so grateful that, after several years of easing into retirement, my hubby is finally finding something other than work and family to feel passionate about.

My heartfelt hope is that, through a couple of local photography groups he is looking into, the website where he is posting some of his work, and the local events he is beginning to participate in, he might soon experience that joy of all joys -- the one I experienced not long after I started blogging, which led to my finding Story Circle Network, which led to meeting The Muses -- finding one's tribe!


Corrine at said...

Nice to hear that your hubby is finding a passion and that you have found an additional way to pursue yours. We are on the cusp of that, don't know what hubby will be doing? He is finding it hard to let go of the idea of working full time, never mind retirement and and he turns 70 next week! xox

Linda Hoye said...

How wonderful that your hubby is finding a new passion! It can be a challenge for the newly-retired to find that sweet spot.

Hill Country Hippie said...

Hubby is not so newly retired -- it's been about 3 years I think, but he's just now really settling into it. It's hard for guys whose whole lives revolved around their careers, and all their friends were work friends. I was beginning to think I'd have to start arranging play dates for him, but he's finally getting the hang of it!