Tuesday, March 10, 2015


All I know about burlesque is what I learned from watching the movie Gypsy, starring Natalie Woods. I thought it was obsolete, gone the way of rotary dial phones and transistor radios. I was wrong.

Apparently it is making a comeback. So, I couldn't help but be curious when Paula told us what she had read about the Prohibition Supper Club. I was also a bit leery, for there seems to be extreme variations in the quality of these acts. Our kids went to one show in Austin where they said a couple of the ladies seemed like talented professionals, but the rest were such amateurs it was painful to watch. However, the little clip I saw on this group's website was encouraging, so we decided to give it a go. I'm ever so glad we did.

This group is called the Moonlight Dolls, and they do a variety of acts, each with different themes and costumes. We chose the night with the Roaring Twenties theme.

The blonde in the middle is the lead dancer/singer, and has one heck of a voice. I loved it that they performed to several tunes from the musical Chicago, which is one of my favorites. But, there was much more to enjoy besides singing and dancing. Think Cirque du Soleil!

Can you imagine being able to hang from ribbons and strip off clothing at the same time? Without a net!

Of course, there were other acts that required no singing or aerial skills, and were just a matter of seductive teasing. They were not my favorites...

but Hubby didn't seem to mind one bit!

All in all, I have to say that if you ever get a chance to see the Moonlight Dolls perform, you really ought to give it a go.

Oh, and did I mention that, whilst all this was going on, we were being served a delicious three course meal, including steak and lobster?


PLane said...

That's my kind of live entainment!

Hill Country Hippie said...

We had so much fun!

LaNell Taylor said...

Where was this? Looks like a really fun evening.

Hill Country Hippie said...

In downtown Houston on Prairie, near the theater district.