Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Hubby came home from Austin the other day, as giddy as I'd ever seen him. "You won't believe the surprise I've got for you! But, you can't see it until tomorrow." Did you buy something? "Mebbe." Is it a new restaurant? "Mebbe." Is it a new art store, or a place to go walking? "Mebbe." Seems I'd have to wait until we went to lunch and a movie at Southpark Meadows in S. Austin the next day, then all would be revealed. 

Our first stop was to be Target. On the way through the parking lot my hubby kept trying to block my view, saying "Don't look left! Don't look left!" Turns out he's a master at misdirection. When we got to Target I headed straight for the restroom. When I came out, this was waiting for me.

Nope, that's not the big surprise, but it did crack me up. No telling how many people walked past him standing there in his bunny ears, before I finally came out!

After leaving there we drove all over that parking lot, before finally exiting it at the far north end and turning left. By then I was convinced he'd just been yanking my chain the whole time. But wait! Could it be? Yes!

Well played Hubby! That is a big surprise. I can't believe it's already been there three months, and we are just now discovering it!

We first discovered Rosa's back in our west Texas days, when we had very small children, and not a lot of moolah. Now, if you were to compare Rosa's to your favorite full service Mexican restaurant, it would probably come up short. But that's not what it is. It's a fast food place, where you walk up to the counter and place an order, or pull up to the drive-thru window, and have your meal in ten minutes or less. And if you compared it to Taco Bell? Oh my! It would come out miles ahead. Because you just can't meet a group of friends for a fun evening out, complete with margaritas, freshly made tortillas, sizzling fajitas, and melt in your mouth sopapillas, at Taco Bell. And you certainly can't have your hubby drive through any of the full-service Mexican restaurants, to pick up a Fajita Fiesta that will feed your family of four (if the kids are not yet teens) for twenty five bucks! Most importantly, there is no other restaurant, full service or fast, that will greet you with this level of festive color-madness.

It felt like coming home.

That hubby of mine...

Gotta love 'im!


Donna Lange said...

cute story but what I want to know is - did you buy the bunny ears!

musingegret said...

We went for the first time a month ago and I have to say "what a bargain! and beautiful ceramic critters all over the walls!!" Loved it and so glad y'all did too. what movie did you catch?

PLane said...

I can't see anything different about him. 'Mike

Hill Country Hippie said...

Donna, sorry to disappoint you, but we passed on the bunny ears. He does, however, have an awesome iridescent green octopus hat, thanks to some good friends.

ME, we went to see Chappie, which I was a bit disappointed in. None of the characters were very likeable.

Corrine at sparkledaysstudio.com said...

You hubby is a hoot. My kind of silly. Nice to relive those days when you didn't have a dime as they say. xox